Obama Effortlessly Leads Prayers During Mosque Visit: "It's almost as if he's visited a mosque every day of his life."

Baltimore, MD – On a brisk February day, President Barack Obama walks into a Baltimore area mosque, swiftly removes his shoes and heads for the ablution stations in a suspiciously routine fashion. This is Obama’s first visit to an American mosque during his presidency, and is part of the administration’s push to promote religious tolerance. […]

Editorial: Where the hell are the Muslim voices condemning terrorism?!?: “Trying to find a Muslim condemning terrorism is like trying to find Waldo in a sea of nothing but Waldos.”

Last week the world witnessed horrific violence across various parts of the globe, including attacks in Beirut and Paris that left hundreds dead and the rest of us shocked, saddened and bewildered. As suspected, the extremist group Daesh (ISIS) has claimed responsibility. Although the group’s position reveals a twisted and radical ideology rather than the […]

Area Muslim Man Suspected of Being Closeted President of the United States: 49% of Republicans still believe Muslims are hiding their status as Commander-in-Chiefs.

Washington, DC – When Donald Trump supporter Christine Hendrickson was asked if she thought President Obama is a Muslim, she responded, “No, but I do think all Muslims in the US are secretly Presidents of the United States.” And she’s not alone. Approximately 49% of Republicans believe that Muslims in America are hiding their true […]

Muslim Republican Starting to Think This is a Bad Idea: Radicalized Man Re-Assessing Views

CANTON, OH – Speaking candidly to reporters in the back of a Trump Rally, 44-Year Old Mohid “Moe” Saleem remarked he’s starting to regret his choice to support the Republican party, adding he’s “beginning to genuinely fear for his life.” The small business owner has supported conservative movements and the Republican party for nearly two […]

Texas Official Apologies For Humanizing Muslims: Rare Slip by Elected Official

SXSW, TX – Texas Commissioner Bubba “Boss Hog” Miller is backtracking after a Facebook post in which he mistakenly humanized Muslims, referring to them in a non-derogatory tone. Miller blames the post on a staffer who ignored “clearly-established” protocol prohibiting non-hate speech against “Islam, Muslims and injuns.” The Facebook status, remarking on the diversity of […]