Shaikh Mabuti’s 7 Tips To Ease Into Ramadan: The first few days of fasting can be tough, but these tips from Shaikh Khalid Mabuti make the transition into the holy month a breeze.

For many Muslims, Ramadan serves as a time for reflection and spiritual calibration. The first few days of fasting, however, can prove to be a challenge. Don’t fret. Shaikh Mabuti presents these tips to make your transition into Ramadan smooth and easy.   Tip #1 – One way to alleviate hunger pangs during the fast […]

Islamica Asks: On which day will you be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr?

As the end of Ramadan draws near, many Muslims will be celebrating the holiday of Eid-Ul-Fitr. Because of varying cultures and schools of thought, Muslims will likely find themselves celebrating it on different days. Which day will you be observing Eid? “Obviously we don’t want to go to hell with the other heathens… so Saturday.” […]

Man In I’tikaf Asks For Wi-Fi Password: Continues to complain about download speeds during his spiritual retreat

Dallas, TX – Thirty minutes into his I’tikaf, Saleem Niwad peeked out from his makeshift, isolated space to ask for the password to the mosque’s wi-fi network. I’tikaf is the personal, spiritual retreat, in which Muslims seclude themselves from others to engage solely in acts of worship. Observers are restricted from engaging in casual conversations […]

Social Media Braces for Wave of Date Puns: Experts predict this will be the busiest year on record

Menlo Park, CA – As the beginning of Ramadan draws closer, Muslims, friends of Muslims, and any associated variants brace for the flood of date puns usually expected this time of year. These puns promote themselves under the guise of memes, status updates, tweets, and any other bite-size content the internet can throw at us. […]